SSARS 2008 Volume 1

Safety oriented bubble diagrams in project risk management<
Abrahamsen Eirik Bjorheim, Aven Terje 1
Dynamic methodologies for reliability and probabilistic risk assessment (PRA)
Aldemir Tunc 7
Risk analysis and risk management. Basic concepts and principles
Aven Terje 13
Operational reliability of heat supply systems
Babiarz Bożena 27
Importance measures in presence of uncertainties
Baraldi Piero, Zio Enrico, Compare Michele 33
On the mathematical condition-based maintenance modelling for continuously deteriorating systems
Bérenguer Christophe 41
Quantitative safety goals as a basis for decision making
Berg Heinz-Peter 53
Risk and safety management – procedures, methods, experiences
Berg Heinz-Peter 65
Modelling environment and infrastructure of shipyard transportation systems and processes
Blokus-Roszkowska Agnieszka, Kołowrocki Krzysztof 77
Maintenance cost study for deteriorating systems: age-replacement policy vs. condition-based maintenance policy
Bouvard Keomany, Artus Samuel, Bérenguer Christophe, Cocquempot Vincent 85
Uncertainties on risk analysis: the consequence assessment in an hydrogen refuelling station
Carpignano Andrea, Ganci Francesco 93
Burn-in procedures in accelerated environment and system maintenance policies
Cha Ji Hwan 101
Expressing and communicating uncertainty in relation to quantitative risk analysis (QRA)
Flage Roger, Aven Terje 109
Applications of bootstrap and resampling methods in empirical Bayes estimation of reliability parameters
Grabski Franciszek, Załęska-Fornal Agata 117
Models and methods of ship-bridge collisions risk assessment
Gucma Lucjan 123
Monte Carlo method of ship’s underkeel clearance evaluation for safety of ferry approaching to Ystad Port determination
Gucma Lucjan, Schoeneich Marta 137
Risk based model of information optimization in maritime electronic chart application
Gucma Maciej 143
DEAR theory and applicability in system dynamics analysis
Guo Renkuan, Guo Danni 149
Fuzzy regression – a scalar variable formation
Guo Renkuan, Guo Danni 159

Reliability analysis of two-state series-consecutive “m out of k: F” systems
Guze Sambor 169
Reliability analysis of two-state consecutive “m out of l: F”-series systems
Guze Sambor 175
Modelling environment and infrastructure influence on reliability and operation processes of port oil transportation system
Guze Sambor, Kołowrocki Krzysztof, Soszyńska Joanna 179
Maintenance problems of technical systems composed of heterogeneous elements
Jodejko Anna 187

SSARS 2008 Volume 2

An approach to ship operation analysis with primary application to “Stena Baltica” ferry operating at Baltic Sea
Jurdziński Miroslaw, Kołowrocki Krzysztof, Soszyńska Joanna 197
Reliability and risk analysis of multi-state systems with degrading components
Kołowrocki Krzysztof 205
Modelling of operational processes of port bulk cargo transportation system
Kołowrocki Krzysztof, Kwiatuszewska-Sarnecka Bożena, Soszyńska Joanna 217
A general model of industrial systems operation processes related to their environment and infrastructure
Kołowrocki Krzysztof, Soszyńska Joanna 223
Safety and reliability of complex industrial systems and process Poland-Singapore Joint Project
Kołowrocki Krzysztof, Soszyńska Joanna, Xie Min, Kien Ming Ng, Salahuddin Mohamed 227
Agent system in control of ship movement
Łebkowski Andrzej, Dziedzicki Krzysztof 235
Modelling ship’s diesel electrical system using Markov theory
Mennis Evangelos, Dagkinis Ioannis, Nikitas Nikitakos, Platis Agapios 241
Frequencies assessment of loss containment including the effects of measures of risk prevention and mitigation
Milazzo Maria Francesca, Maschio Giuseppe, Uguccioni Giovanni 247
Neural networks for function approximation in dynamic modelling
Nedbálek Jakub 255
Maintenance modelling concepts – state of art
Nowakowski Tomasz, Werbińska Sylwia 261
Preventive maintenance with imperfect repairs of a system with redundant objects
Okulewicz Józef, Salamonowicz Tadeusz 279
Risk analysis by threshold evaluation (RATE): a new approach to OHS in small and medium enterprises
Pantanali Claudio, Bianco Cristina, Gioacchino Nardin, Meneghetti Antonella, Lirussi Marco 287
Shock models under policy N
Pérez-Ocón Rafael, Montoro-Cazorla Delia, Segovia M. Carmen 295
Surprises: The warranty, the reliability, and the systemability
Pham Hoang 299
Assessment of products’ reliability influence on remanufacturing processes
Plewa Marcin 301
Review of an insurance policy of a directive Seveso III industrial activity by using risk analysis. An example
Romano Alfredo, Perrone Francesco 307
New aspects about territorial planning
Romano Alfredo, Perrone Francesco, Torretta Vincenzo 313
Terratechnology characteristics of technical system
Smalko Zbigniew 317
Asymptotic approach to reliability evaluation of large “m out of l”- series system in variable operation conditions
Soszyńska Joanna 323
Asymptotic dependence of average failure rate and MTTF for a recursive, meshed network architecture
Tanguy Christian 347
Contribution to failure description
Valis David 355
Contribution to availability assessment of complex systems
Valis David, Koucky Miroslav 363
On determinations of some characteristics of semi – Markov process for different distributions of transient probabilities
Zając Mateusz, Budny Tymoteusz 369
Maintenance Policy for deteriorating system with explanatory variables
Zhao Xuejing, Fouladirad Mitra, Bérenguer Christophe, Bordes Laurent 377