SSARS 2007 Volume 1

Methods for the treatment of common cause failures in redundant systems
Berg Heinz-Peter, Görtz Rudolf, Kesten Jürgen 1
Analysis of the impact of external flooding to nuclear installations
Berg Heinz-Peter, Fröhmel Thomas, Winter Christian 9
Analysis of component failures dependency influence on system lifetime
Blokus-Roszkowska Agnieszka 17
Stochastic ageing models – extensions of the classic renewal theory
Briš Radim 29
Two various approaches to VTS Zatoka radar system reliability analysis
Budny Tymoteusz 39
Recurrent neural networks for dynamic reliability analysis
Cadini Francesco, Zio Enrico, Pedroni Nicola 45
A study on the performance measures of a system operated in random environment
Cha Ji Hwan, Mi Jie 55
A methodology for rating and ranking hazards in maritime formal safety assessment using fuzzy logic
Dourmas N. Georgios, Nikitakos V. Nikitas, Lambrou A. Maria 59

Optimisation of the preventive maintenance plan of a series components system with Weibull hazard function
Duarte José Caldeira, Soares Carlos Guedes 67
Risk prediction for modern technological systems
Duffey Romney B., Saull John W. 75
On multi-state safety analysis in shipping
Dziula Przemysław, Jurdziński Mirosław, Kołowrocki Krzysztof, Soszyńska Joanna 83
Time-dependant modelling of systems: some open questions
Eid Mohamed 97
Improvement of manufacturing cells with unreliable machines
Elleuch Mounir, Ben Bacha Habib, Masmoudi Faouzi 109
The ships impact in ground of port water area
Galor Wiesław 115
Methods for risk analysis in disaster reduction
Van Gelder Peter 121
Applications of semi-Markov processes in reliability
Grabski Franciszek 127
The random failure rate
Grabski Franciszek 143
The model of non-renewal reliability systems with dependent time lengths of components
Grabski Franciszek, Załęska-Fornal Agata 151
An univariate DEMR modelling on repair effects
Guo Renkuan 157
Numerical approach to reliability evaluation of two-state consecutive “k out of n: F” systems
Guze Sambor 167
Reliability analysis of multi-state ageing consecutive „k out of n: F” systems
Guze Sambor, Kołowrocki Krzysztof 173
Statistical analysis of interval and imprecise data – applications in the analysis of reliability field data
Hryniewicz Olgierd 181
A short note on reliability of security systems
Jóźwiak Ireneusz J., Laskowski Wojciech 193
A new method for computing the reliability of composite systems
Karbasian Mahdi, Mahdavi Mojtaba 199

SSARS 2007 Volume 2

Some remarks on mean time between failures of repairable systems
Knopik Leszek 207
Stability and safety of ships: holistic and risk approach
Kobyliński Lech 211
Reliability modelling of complex systems – Part 1
Kołowrocki Krzysztof 219
Reliability modelling of complex systems – Part 2
Kołowrocki Krzysztof 231
Transformed conditional probabilities in the analysis of stochastic sequences
Kudzys Antanas 243
Reliability wave in light of the nano development
Kuo Way 251
OAn asymptotic approach to reliability improvement of multi-state systems with components quantitative and qualitative redundancy: series and parallel systems
Kwiatuszewska-Sarnecka Bożena 255
On asymptotic approach to reliability improvement of multi-state systems with components quantitative and qualitative redundancy: „m out of n” systems
Kwiatuszewska-Sarnecka Bożena 265
The probabilistic approach to the determination of consumption volumes and repairing the pieces of hydrocarbon’s equipments
Meglouli H. 279
Fundamentals of the Dempster-Shafer theory and its applications to system safety and reliability modelling
Rakowsky Uwe Kay 283
Risk assessment related to information uncertainty components
Rosická Zdena 297
A reliability system with loss of units
Ruiz-Castro Juan Eloy 303
Collection and analysis of climatic measurements for the assessment of snow loads on structures
Sadovský Zoltán, Faško Pavol, Pecho Jozef, Bochníček Oliver, Mikulová Katarína, Šťastný Pavel 311
Systems reliability analysis in variable operation conditions
Soszyńska Joanna 319
Possibilities of traffic accidents and risk crash evaluation
Stodola Jiri 331
Adopted isochrones method improving ship safety in weather routing with evolutionary approach
Szłapczyńska Joanna, Śmierzchalski Roman 335
Safe ship control system
Śmierzchalski Roman 341
Reliability of complex system with one shot items
Vališ David 347
Non-linear backstepping ship course controller
Witkowska Anna, Śmierzchalski Roman 355
Soft computing methods applied to condition monitoring and fault diagnosis for maintenance
Zio Enrico 363
Sensitivity analysis of a fuzzy expert system for modelling dependencies in human operators’ emergency tasks
Zio Enrico, Baraldi Piero, Librizzi Massimom, Podofillini Luca, Dang H. Vinh 379
Optimising a fuzzy fault classification tree by a single-objective genetic algorithm
Zio Enrico, Baraldi Piero, Popescu Irina Crenguta 391
Analysis of the safety efficiency of a road network: a real case study
Zio Enrico, Sansavini Giovanni, Maja Roberto, Marchionni Giovanna 401